Nicholas Rausch OSB 1643

Olympia, WA


We serve because OUR LORD served us:


 Brother Ron De Groot: “One of the most life changing events of my life was joining the Knights of Columbus back in 2002.  I never knew what it was like to share my spiritual life with other men as we do in the Knights.”…” What this says is that life is not about one’s self or one’s family to the exclusion of all others. Rather, it is about giving of one’s self…unselfishly”. 


 Brother Phiet Nguyen (left) joined the Knights of Columbus in 2015 in Olympia. The reason he joined the Knights was to help the unfortunate and the needy.



 Brother John Zyrkowski: “It was a great joy to join the Knights and find an international group of men who are dedicated to pleasing the Lord through their daily activities so that his Kingdom can be realized on this Earth. The energy I find within this group is as strong as I have found in the most dedicated Clergy as I have crisscrossed the world on business and pleasure”.


 Brother Ralph Marriott “is quite grateful for his experiences in the church and wishes to repay those blessings to the church community. He joined the Knights to be able to broaden his service activities within the church.”

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